Balancing the Nervous Energies

Posture: Sit in in a comfortable position. Place the left hand a few centimeters in front of your chest, palm facing inwards towards your body.  Place the palm of the right hand against the back of the left hand. Hold the hands and forearms parallel to the ground and press the thumb tips together

Focus: The eyes are slightly open

Breath: Inhale deeply through the nose and calmly hold the breath in for  as many seconds that is most suitable for you 15-20 seconds. Exhale completely through the nose and calmly hold the breath out 15-20 seconds. Keep breathing like this. Concentrate on the breath and remember to keep your body and shoulders relaxed.

MPORTANT NOTE ON BREATH: you can start with 5 seconds the first time you do this meditation (so holding the breath in for five seconds and also out for five seconds). If it feels ok you can then add one second with time and slowly build up the amount of seconds each time you use the meditation. What’s important is that you hold the breath in for the same amount of time as you hold it out.

You can do a  test round before you try this meditation for the first time to see how many seconds is most suitable for you to hold your breath in and out. You are supposed to feel the sensation of the urge to inhale while you hold the breath out but you are also supposed to be be able to inhale calmly!

Time: Continue for 3 to 5 minutes (you can use a timer or download the free audio. You can also simply breathe like this for a while but there’s a reason for doing it for three minutes)



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