I’m an officially approved facilitator of Belly2Belly 

I host Belly2Belly at Shala Spiritual Junkie in Gothenburg. 

You can come by yourself or with a partner and there’s nothing you HAVE TO do if you come. This is all about you listening to and following the truth within your body.

Together we will slow down until we come into a rest from doing and becoming. That rest that we are really striving and longing for and often forget that we don’t have to earn or deserve or search for outside of ourselves to access 

We will use breath, sound and touch (while all the time practicing staying withing our authentic yes and no for how much touch we are willing to give and receive) to get back into this effortless being 

Held by each other and held within allow us to meet each other, ourselves  and our messy beautiful life just as it is. And all the experiences that arise within each interaction are are welcomed within this expanded awareness, including feelings of rejection, abandonment and critique, as well as feelings of attraction, connection and appreciation

Usually in our relationships, the focus is on our emotions and the stories running in our minds, what happened in the past or needs to happen tomorrow.

In this practice we will slow down until the whole body is relaxed and open to the wisdom of the gut and heart and notice (and stay with) the simple present-moment physiology of our bodies instead

And in this space of slowed down presence we can notice and welcome everything that is happening within us – even the numbness and the lack of sensations

And each person is seen as a mirror and holds a key to unlock a deeper self-acceptance and intimacy with ourselves

We will connect in to this essential self, falling into our ground and from this opened relaxed awareness simply notice and remember who we really are and also what pulls us out of this state as well as how to meet that with a tender compassionate and inherently intelligent awareness

By welcoming, holding and loving all parts of ourselves in this way we can enjoy and appreciate each step of the journey and generate love: one breath at a time.

We will explore, not in theory but in our bodies, that maybe that feeling of love is coming from inside ourselves. Maybe that state of love is self-generated! And maybe we can choose to open to it any time, with anyone, with or without a partner



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