Sometimes I find this world is so loud.


And when I lose connection with myself it’s as if it pulls me further and further away from who I really am, with it’s own agendas and it’s own opinions.


And my definition of success becomes completely distorted and I start to believe that I need to DRIVE MY BODY EVEN HARDER to keep up.


And when I don’t manage to keep up or fit into this distorted definition of a successful person – insecurities start to take over.


And I am not willing to act from that place anymore!


That’s why I remind myself again and again that:


success to me is about staying deeply connected to myself.


Because I’ve been so far down the opposite road and I know where I could end up if I’m not committed to living life aligned with that which is TRUE TO ME


So when I notice my old tendencies of going outside of me to find fulfillment and safety I practice falling back into the ocean of my being.


I practice finding my ground first and to then give compassion to my insecurities, to all the parts of me that feel small, scared or confused.


And I allow things to unfold from there.


Regardless of the consequences.


I’m not saying that this is the right way


But it’s my way


And I’m very determined to bring these options and the tools that I’ve learnt and this possibility of intimacy with self out into the world.